5 reasons women will want sex with you

So here we go!

You smell good

Unfortunately, you cannot control this criterion itself in any way. Neither fashionable expensive perfume, nor a potion with sperm of a whale which to you was sold under the guise of exciting pheromones will not help. Sexologists found out that for most of women the natural smell of the man has fundamental value at the partner’s choice. Even appearance was pushed on the second plan (and here men after all appeared visual learners: for them the main criterion are forms and symmetry of the face of the partner). Scientists assume that in the course of evolution of the woman somehow learned to distinguish by means of sense of smell men with complementary structure of genes.

During experiment at forty men, that is the main complex of a genome area which initiates the immune answer of our organism to viruses and harmful bacteria was analyzed. Then from these men some days wore one t-shirt. And then love similar entertainments, forced women — participants of experiment — to smell dirty clothes. The most attractive to women were smells of those men, whose genome as much as possible differed from their own! The posterity from such partners would possess the maximum set of protective genes. During further researches it appeared that in couples with similar genome of the woman are more inclined to dream about other men and as a result of more often enter adulteries.

In other words, attraction is not a choice.

Keeping a prolonged eye contact

As a rule, it smoothly affects romantic girls. Participants of poll admitted that agreed to spend night of love with the stranger only because “were hypnotized by his look”. Sexologists made experiment: some tens of couples within half an hour opened each other intimate details of the life, and then four minutes looked in the face. More than a half of participants felt a strong inclination to partners in experiment, and two couples even got married subsequently.

You are tall

The criterion, the second for importance, at a choice of the partner by which girls are guided — is appearance. And here the major role is played by growth. Not too big, however above an average. 80% of women called this “high-rise” category attractive. Scientists consider that large men of the woman perceive as the best defenders and getters. By the way, not only women. It is indicative that statistically each 2 cm of growth add some thousands of dollars to an average annual salary. The tall man is respected and advanced subconsciously by fellow workers, it is easier for it to communicate and make about themselves pleasant impression. Also he on average shows less aggression: it should not prove the rights.

You are symmetric

Identical length and volume of extremities, section of eyes, absence of scars or lameness. Biologically symmetry means small quantity of mutations in your genome (so, small probability of that in your genes the hidden ugliness’s or diseases which can be shown at descendants “are sewn up”). If you have no obvious scars or traces of changes it means that you were rather dexterous or since the childhood grew in the favorable and safe environment (which probably you will be able to provide also to the children). Generally, next time, when the girl will start reproaching you with lack of cubes on a stomach, pay her attention how you are remarkably symmetric. If, of course, you are not the cross-eyed one-legged humpback. Then it is necessary to be engaged after all in cubes (simply that was than to be engaged — sex all the same does not shine you, you understand).

Your voice is deep

At teenage age at boys the throat structure starts changing sharply — their vocal chords become 60% longer, then at girls, the voice grows coarse. This process testosterone besides manages, and then it is more, especially the low is formed a voice. By the way, the similar history happens, for example, to frogs. On a timbre of croaking of a female choose the largest and healthy males.

Dominant behavior

From the very beginning we are programmed to mate with most dominant partner and especially women, they are looking for a guy, actually a real man. The one who beats the drum by his own way and don’t give a shit about what others think about him. He does what he wants, with whom he wants.

There are many more reasons and we will talk more about this subject more in the future.