Why some women do not shave legs

The trend which began to gain steam few months ago becomes more popular.

Feminist, solvent, idler? Just woman of fashion! Quite so now it is possible to call the girl who will be published with unshaven legs moreover and in a miniskirt and ideal sandals which will only show that this beauty not just forgot about the razor, and threw it where far away. Years of never-ending fight of women against hair on a body later, we, apparently, were displaced from one point.

Once Celine Dion and Lindsay Lohan were noticed with hair standing. Of course, their provocative issues in such look still very long discussed. And Cameron Diaz in the book urges girls to forget about a body about an epilation, hair look naturally. Honestly, why we continue to live in the world of stereotypes?

shaven legs of girl

We still are afraid of public opinion, the fact that we will be discussed and condemned. Though at the beginning of the 19th century of the girl also did not think of an epilation, and women began to shave legs only during World War II – the lack of silk stockings became the reason for that, and legs have to be smooth.

Actually, some girls did not shave legs earlier, however always carefully hid it that men did not ridicule, and girlfriends did not begin to give phone of the master in an epilation, as in the movie “Sex and the City”. Of course, mostly interfered with them laziness, and to put on trousers – an excellent way out.

Approximately a year ago the Peris Jackson model specially published pictures in Instagram, showing the hairy legs. And once the star decided to show all what does not depend on someone’s opinion, and is proud defiled on a red carpet in a short dress, showing that unshaven legs – it is not a shame, and it is fashionable.

Most likely, the era of a glamour every day becomes closer to naturalness. And it is shown not only in laying and a make-up, but also the relation to an epilation. But this trend will spread very slowly, not all “lionesses” are ready to come to a fashionable party in a silk combination, shoes for 60 thousand and with unshaven legs. And other girls will hardly take courage and if are published with hair, then will hide them under clothes though in the conditions of cold winter why and not to refuse an epilation that it was warmer?

But is not present, after all you will not change gender behavior in one day.

– In Europe and USA for a long time you will surprise nobody with vegetation under mice or hair standing. It becomes norm, the main thing – to love itself and the body, but not to try to please someone. Body positivity, what now would not speak about him, teaches us to be respectful to itself and the desires. And though someone considers that unshaven legs or armpits – the movement which is advanced by feminists, it far not so. There is a huge number of feminists who assert the rights of women in this world, however each three weeks go to the master in an epilation.

Important the fact that the body belongs to you and if you do not want to shave legs, do not shave them. This your right!