The right way to pick up girls on social media

Bothered to get acquainted in bars and to wake up with aspirin instead of that hot blonde babe? Try social networks! On them it is also possible to adjust private life and in addition it is not so smoked!

Ourselves passed to online acquaintances because on “Facebook” in working hours it is easier for administration to explain lag with professional need, than the same lag in a bar for a long time.

Specify the purpose

Wonder that you want. Short-term petty intrigue? A torrid love affair with the Gipsy passions? If in reply you hear incoherent low, stop talking to yourself. But understand: the woman needs to understand from the very beginning to what of diverse vital deadlocks you try to bring her.

Edit photos

“First of all the woman estimates your appearance” — our expert reports. Therefore, photos in a karaoke, before a football match … are shorter, all on which you are dead-drunk, have to leave a profile. Ugly ears, vampire teeth and a basketball under a t-shirt too do not do credit to your ingenuity. What, you found out, what after cleaning did not remain to any? “Order time in life a photoshoot in the professional”

At the same time study the photo … darlings, ignoring stock photoshoots and fixedly studying the handicraft.

Be original and unique

“According to researches, women appreciate in men mind and sense of humor”, having come off “The messenger of the psychoanalyst”. Do not ask primitive questions, and proceed from features of its profile: favorite music, movies… That is instead of banal “How are you doing?” ask: “How to you last role of Ryan Gosling?”

Radiate happiness

From the extensive practice we came to this judgment: “The person aspires fortunately”. In this scheme as the person it acts, and happiness, strangely enough, you personify. It means, avoid phrases it seems “to me alone”. After all she in reply thinks: “To me it is lonely. And two loneliness — it too. To refuse!”

Make the big list

Give up communication at once many girls and in process of acquaintance transfer quantity to quality, reducing a circle of contacts. Simply rely on statistics — the result will be reached under the law of large numbers. Here, as they say, to the psychologist do not go.